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Hi, I’m Vignesh 👋

I’m a Product Designer based in Toronto. I have a decade of experience designing products for zero-to-one startups as well as scaling them for 100x growth.

I equally enjoy the analytical nature of problem-solving and the creative nature of design. I’m also fascinated by how the human mind works (Behavioural and Cognitive Psychology). So I love digging into data, talking to/observing people, and all other forms of research that help me understand the people who’re going to use the product.

Case studies

Redesigning onboarding for a new user segment

Taking a research-driven approach to redefine the segment of workers and improving conversion by 400%

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Work history for blue-collared workers

Re-imagining the UI to match the users’ mental model and refining it through prototypes.

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Encouraging workers to clock in on-time

Building nudges and transparency based on data and research to encourage the desired behaviour.

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Guided workflows for recruiting software

Adopting GV’s design sprint to make the platform do the heavy-lifting and save time for recruiters.

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